RJ started his tattoo career back in 2012 in the Philippines. He moved to Montreal Canada in 2013 and worked in a tattoo shop close to downtown. He opened his own private tattoo studio Uptown Tattoos Montreal in 2014. He has been working his way up the ladder and started putting his name in the Quebec tattoo scene around 2017. Since that day, he has been breaking records in tattoo conventions in Canada . He definitely is a very talented tattoo artist worth booking with. 

please read the following information carefully before booking an appointment with the artist


RJ is well known for his realistic looking portraits and large scale realism projects both in black and gray and full colors. He exclusively is booking portraits, fullsleeves (full leg, full arm), sidesleeves (side leg or side arm), full frontpiece and full backpiece projects ONLY. The tattoo project is to be done in 2 to 3 days consecutive (or more in sessions) depending on project size and complexity unless the piece is doable within a day.

Note that it takes artist freedom to come out with a good cohesive-looking and readable tattoo. It is important to trust the artist and have an open mind with regards to the tattoo project ideas. Not all photos work well together or would look good as a tattoo. Giving him full artist liberty on the tattoo design and composition will most likely get your project accepted.


RJ is only booking projects 3 months ahead at a time. Only tattoo inquiries, consultations and appointments within the said period will be considered.

All projects will be booked within his workweek, MONDAYS to THURSDAYS ONLY.

All tattoo appointments starts at 11h00 in the morning to finish.

Due to high demand, RJ is very selective with the projects he choose to work with and have a wait time of around 2 months plus minus except on cancellations and availability alerts which will be posted on his social media pages.


For projects he will choose to work with, you will be receiving a reply with a consultation date and availability hours. He will book you a consultation appointment in person at the tattoo shop to discuss the project details further. A deposit will be required to book your tattoo dates (see pricing/deposit)


RJ books a minimum day rate of $ 1000 (4 hour tattoo work – tax included) and $ 250 hourly rate for projects that would take longer than 4 hours to finish.

A non-transferable / non-refundable deposit of $ 200 / day is required to book the tattoo sessions.The deposit comes off the final tattoo cost for the day.

* If you need to re-book a date, a minimum of one week’s notice is required. Failure to notify us within the said time frame will cost you your deposit and will be required to another deposit to re-book your project.

We accept cash payments or E-transfer. We do NOT accept PayPal.

RJ Valencerina tattoo artist and owner of Uptown Tattoos Montreal

RJ's portfolio

Booking an appointment with RJ

Use DM’s on Instagram to book

Please be specific when it comes to the tattoo description. The more specific you are the better chance we have to understanding your project! Give as many photo references if necessary.

Due to the artist high demand, please allow up to a week for a reply.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

– Uptown Tattoos MTL Team –